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Summer Appliance Woes

Summer can be hard on your appliances in Idaho! The long hot days combined with the increase in use by your household can really put a strain on things. Good news is Home Appliance Service Inc is here to help you keep your home running smooth with the very best in Idaho appliance repairs, servicing, and installs!

We know you need to make that dollar stretch as much as you can these days and that’s why you can count on us to recommend repair or replacement of a broken appliance part before we even think about installing something new! We’re not here to sell you new appliances, we don’t work on kick backs!

Our motto is if it can be fixed, it should be fixed! Because we come from time when we didn’t just throw things away – because a lot of times you couldn’t find a new one! So, if you find yourself with a dishwasher that won’t rinse, or a dryer that’s leaving things damp, or even a mixer on the fritzer – WE CAN HELP!