Refrigerator Repair

boise refrigerator repair

When your refrigerator goes down it is truly an urgent matter! A broken fridge can cost you hundreds of dollars in food and really put a hurt on your pocketbook! Should your refrigerator stop working it’s important to get it back up quickly to keep you safe from potential spoilage.

Depending on the temperature of your unit and how much cold food you have inside it at the time, you should generally have at least a few hours if you can keep the door closed. If you have a freezer/fridge combination the freezer side should be good for considerably longer as items there are in a cold frozen state.

Nonetheless, it is important not to wait any longer than necessary to assess the situation and give Home Appliance Service in Boise a call!

Sometimes the refrigerator will not go out all at once and give signs that there could be potential issues – keep on the lookout for:

Not cooling
Frequent frosting up
TOO cold
Not running at all
Refrigerator Error Codes
Water buildup inside
Broken water dispenser

If you notice any of these signs give us a call so that we can schedule a service call and take care of it before it becomes a full blown repair or replace situation!

It’s always better to take the time and have home appliances like your refrigerator serviced from time to time – getting filters replaced, etc – because it can really end up saving you in the long run and helps keep your appliances running for years to come.

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