boise ice maker repair

Nobody likes a nice hot soda! Even in the middle of Winter there’s nothing better than a nice ice cold beverage.

If your ice machine isn’t making ice, make a big block of ice, or is making noise you know there could be trouble!
Other causes for concern include:
Funny smells
Bad tasting ice
Stained or discolored ice

If possible, turn off the ice making setting on your ice maker immediately to help avoid burning it out – then call us!

It may be a simple fix, ice makers can be very particular! In other cases we may need to do more than simple servicing and replace parts, or if it can’t be repaired we will be able to recommend a replacement or other solution for your needs. You can often save money if an appliance can be repaired rather than having to buy a brand new one, and saving you cost without compromising quality is always one of our top priorities.

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