Dryer Repair

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When your dryer goes down it’s a huge inconvenience to say the least! Sure, if the weather is good you can dig out the old tried and true clothes line…as long as you don’t mind airing your laundry to the whole neighborhood – literally!

Clothes dryers themselves are relatively simple machines, generally providing years of great service without issue, but like anything from time to time it’s good to take things in hand to make sure that they’re running right.

Usually a dryer will only need real maintenance once or twice during it’s entire lifetime but things like rubber belts, pulleys, rollers, and the parts of the machine that really take a beating will need to be repaired at some point – this doesn’t mean you need to throw out the whole machine!

Here are some signs your dryer needs attention that you might want to be alert for!


No Heat

Too Hot


Error Codes

Wet Clothes

Walking across the floor

Don’t wait until your dryer has boogied across the utility room floor or smoked up one of your good shirts!

We repair all major brands including Whirlpool, Maytag, Bosch, LG, Electrolux and More! Home Appliance Service Inc is proud to have served the Treasure Valley for over 70 years with some of the best maintenance and appliance repair in Idaho – call us today!

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