Idaho Appliance Servicing

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What’s that they say about an ounce of prevention?
Servicing your home appliances can help fix problems before they become problems! Over time regular wear and tear can start to take its toll on even the most well made appliances. Just think of how many thousands and thousands of times your washing machine spins in order to do just one load of clothes! It’s enough to make anyone dizzy!

We always recommend servicing your appliances regularly to prevent unnecessary repairs and by keeping your appliances in good working condition you can help make sure they will be around to keep serving you for years to come! If you’re not sure how often certain appliances should be serviced just give us a call, we’re glad to help – otherwise some signs that it might be getting close to time for a service call include:

Lack of expected performance
The Appliance Powers On Intermittently
The Appliance Gets Warmer Than Normal

Unusual Sounds

If you’re seeing any signs of your appliances starting not work as well, or if they’ve already broken down we’re here to help with fast and friendly service! We service most major brands including some not so major specialty brands and also can offer warranty service for many as well.