Idaho Appliance Installation

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What’s a house without appliances?!
Sure, furniture is nice to sit on but you can’t toast a sandwich with it! Appliances are what make your home work, and so whether it’s because it is the old reliable fridge finally broke down, or just because you’re ready for that new energy efficient model we can help you get it installed right.

No More Banged Up Drywall!
You can count on our experienced appliance installation team to treat your home like they would their very own! Care is the top word! We take extra care to mind the area we are installing in, as well as the appliances themselves, to make certain everything goes where it needs to be.

Realtors! Home Builders!
We want to hear from you! Let Home Appliance Service Inc save you time and frustration! We are familiar with the installation process, even for custom builds, and can help make sure your buyers will be satisfied.

We know you like to try DIY but don’t drive yourself crazy or spend time driving back and forth for parts and fasteners! Home Appliance Service can get it installed FAST the FIRST time.